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Analog photos

classic black-and-white photographs made with the analog method on baryta paper

I started my work with classic analog photography. I have been doing it for 40 years. It is a matter of my heart. Nowadays, when most people photograph digitally, using different filters to achieve interesting effects, the path of classic photography brings me to a world of peace, certainty and meditation. I have to pay attention to every photo. Not only during photography, but especially during further processing. It is very important to develop the black and white film correctly. After that, I make a selection of photos that I will focus on further. And last but not least, work in the photo chamber is important when enlarging photos on classic photo paper. While with digital photography, the photographer has a photo ready in a few minutes (that is, if everything is set correctly on the camera), I spend at least one hour on each photo in the camera. Mostly longer. The last step is retouching. This is quite difficult and delicate work and will never turn out perfectly. I retouch with a small brush using special colors. Working with a miniature brush is challenging. Therefore, traces of retouching can be seen in photos when viewed in detail. But even this is a sign of the originality of the work and proof of the unmistakability of a particular photograph. I work with Inford films with a Mamiya 645 camera on 6x4.5 cm film format. As papers, I mainly use Ilford baryte papers, to a lesser extent I also use high-quality Foma baryte papers.

Our daily bread...

My photography, where I conceptually use different pieces of bread, is called Our daily Bread...

I am inspired by the Bible.

It is a still life, where I mostly shoot in macro photography mode, but some photos are from larger scenes.

The resulting works are on baryta photographic paper in a format of about 40 x 30 cm.

When drying, I use a procedure where I glue the wet photo around the edges with brown paper tape. After drying, I leave part of the tape on the photo. This tape creates the natural edges of black and white photos.

Owners of the photo can have the photo framed like this - even with brown tape. This will give the photo an original look. However, if someone doesn't like the look of the brown tape, they can have the photo framed so that the tape is not visible.

Photos are for sale. I make a maximum of ten enlargements of each photo. Each magnification is numbered. The buyer will receive a certificate verifying the authenticity of the purchased photo.

I send the photos by regular mail. I am sending it rolled up in a tube.

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