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Vít Mádr


Good day,


welcome to the website of advertising, portrait and culinary photographer Vít Mádra.


I work not only in my home Brno or its surroundings, I am fully mobile, including even the most demanding equipment, and I often travel to my clients in Prague or other places throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.


I have been living in photography since 1988, and since the spring of 1989 I have been freelancing, and photography has become the main thing I have been living on since then. However, don't expect just a routine in my place, who has already "photographed everything and so he doesn't care so much". On the contrary: photography still doesn't stop entertaining me, it's my main hobby and, as far as it goes, they dedicate everything to it. And so I also approach orders, whether they are large ones from advertising agencies or large companies or small ones from small companies or families and individuals. Photography taught me not only to perceive space and its possibilities, to work with light and its potential and to invent untrodden paths of photographic creativity, but also care and conscientiousness. I believe that this is the case, in the end: many of my regular clients testify to this, some of whom I have been in contact with for more than twenty years ...


The past, when we were forced to take pictures on films, taught me a thought that is good before each press of the shutter button. Movies and their development were expensive. The new age, the digital age, has helped, in my experience, to know what extra standard a client can get if I give him more extra shots that he didn't even expect in advance, and I know that because I'm no longer shooting a film that the client had to pay, I only invest my time and invention in it, and it usually doesn't have to cost the client anything extra.


I photograph everything in commercial - custom photography: product, culinary, portrait (classic, managerial, personality, family, life-style portrait) photography, as well as photography of interiors, exteriors - architecture and landscape and documentary, including wedding and family photography. Please visit my gallery, which is accessible from my main website


  Paradoxically, I am also developing thanks to the fact that I am also a lecturer in photography education. The material I teach to students in the courses must always be enriched with news and the latest trends. I have been lecturing since 2004, both one-day and long-term photography courses. For a long time, I also devoted myself to retraining photography courses. I also do individual consultations and workshops for those interested, and I also offer cooperation to all colleagues who are not completely sure about their photographic skills in a specific order. In 2014, I was accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for the so-called  An authorized person in the field of photography with the right to conduct examinations of candidates.  


I wish you a nice day!


Vít Mádr











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Teaching activities, consultations:
In 2004, Vít Mádr also started working as  lecturer of photography education  namely in the field of product, portrait, modeling photography and in other photographic fields, such as working with light or composition. As a lecturer, he often prepares students for retraining and other longer-term training courses. More about Vít Mádra's pedagogical activities can be found on the website Initially he lectured for the Institute of Digital Photography and Idif, now he lectures mainly for AFOP - Studio of Photographic Practice (, which works under the auspices of Mr. Ondřej Neff

( Vít Mádr is also sought after as a consultant of photographic practice by both photographers and corporate clients.










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