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News and Blogs - 2012:

Product image photography - December 2012

Photos from my courses Evening school of photography + Basics of product and advertising photography

Product image photography


End of the world

November  2012


A stout member of the Maya tribe carves a calendar into the stone and slowly approaches the end of the stone. She stops and says to a colleague, "Dude, I'm looking for a little bit of shit."


Is the end of the world approaching?

I'm one step ahead, taking pictures of diaries. If a step, then a year :-)

I am lecturing on the course Basics of Product and Advertising Photography, photo by Petr Surý, December 2012, Prague

Light and camera

November 2012


In my photography course on working with light, I always say a beautiful sentence: "Photography is painting with light". I did not invent this sentence, others invented it before me. That this is the case is also encoded in the very title "photograph". It consists of two basic Greek words meaning light and drawing. Experts have an idea of how bad light can ruin a good photo and how good it can improve a not very good photo.

Wine photography:

Product photo - sausages

Photos from the course Professional portrait 

Author in the landscape

November 2012


As part of the announcement of the October Photo Theme, which is a photographic competition of users, I chose a difficulty: due to the autumn, I chose a landscape theme, but I made it difficult for the author to immortalize himself in the photography of "his landscape" as well. At least in part - perhaps in the form of their own shadow. I was surprised at how many ideas came together and if they combined with a well-photographed impressive landscape, they aspired to be included in an interesting selection.

Family photography - autumn 2012:

Calendar photography:

































Envious photographer

October 2012


We photographers are also people, and there are envious people among us. The property is not very positive, but what do we do? Then it may not be very pleasant to meet such a person. But it happened to me: I met an envious man.

With an envious photographer ...

And by whom?

October photo shoot - modeling:

The rigidity of the place

October 2012


We photographers know many places where it is advisable to go with a camera. Because it is beautiful there, because there is something interesting or because there are interesting people. I know Lednice Castle Park, where several weddings take place every Saturday. Fortunately, at an interval of about an hour, so there is no danger that the wedding guests would get involved in each other's shot. Experts know that people drive to Kounice with pleasure, it is a region of wine and I also brought home a few liters of burčák, real, not apple, which they sell on the roads. But I don't want to write about it.

Note - March 2012 - IDIF:


A small note from life: IDIF (now transformed into IDIF Education), for which I taught photography courses until the beginning of 2012 (since 2004), strives for the image of a better photography school. Perhaps this could be the case if I (and many other lecturers and probably other suppliers - printers, etc.) did not owe me many tens of thousands of crowns and another predecessor did not owe me my IDIF predecessor - the Institute. Apparently, they transformed into a company with a similar name (Idif Education) so that they could continue with a "clean" shield during the prosecution. I note that this is money that IDIF has withdrawn from students in advance. In order not to have to pay huge debts to the original lecturers, who were given the IDIF approach (together with the then management and management of the Institute), all lecturers (except for one from whom it was to be expected :-)) exchanged for others. I hope that all potential applicants for IDIF will notice this information.

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