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During many visits to Brno's Káznice (Prison), when I photographed the Doteky ensemble and gradually got to know even the darkest and most remote places in Káznice, a new project, the Footprints project, resurrected in me.

Everything gradually crystallized in the urge to leave the photo shoot more to chance, to inner intuition, and to figuratively arrange for the "camera itself to look for motives" that could be what flickered in the prisoners' heads.

After all, the energy of sadness and hope must be here ...

After all, they, aware of mental emptiness, nothingness, and mostly vain hopes, surrounded by time-lapse, often just accidentally glanced from place to place.

When they thought, when they stopped mentally, when their eyes were not closed, or when they had just closed them ...

What did they see?

What did the survivors take in their memory for the paintings? In addition to horrors, other than wounds, other than feelings of loneliness and mental distress?


Traces of thoughts, wishes, desires, swearing, sobs, tears, joy, anger ...

Traces of nothingness, emptiness, timelessness and horror of how time (outdoors) flies ...

Traces of life that was not life, traces of people who were not human ...

Traces of living people who often didn't even live for those outside ...



několik ocenění v poločase soutěže:


Silver medal in the FOOD category


Honorable mention in the ND AWARDS competition

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Silver medal in the category of advertising photography

silver award.jpg

Awards in the prestigious photo competition FEP Awards 2021,

The entire gallery of winners is here 

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