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Individual consultations, course, assistance with contracts

Do you have a photo problem?
Do you need advice on the order?
Do you need the cooperation of a lecturer in the order?
Do you need to evaluate your work?
Are you interested in an individual photo consultation or workshop? For you or for your company or photo club?
Does none of the offered courses suit you? Try individual, it can be even for a complete layman ...
Do you rent a foreign photo studio and need advice on lights and other equipment?
Will you set up your own studio and need advice on how to do it? Dimensions, size, wall coatings, equipment, work in it, ...
How to light outdoors?
How to make a documentary photo? Weddings, corporate events, ...

The basic price of a consultation or individual course on a selected topic with lecturer's props with one participant is CZK 1,210 for
  hour including VAT (I am a payer) - at least 2 hours.

Price of assistance or consultation associated with photographing photographs according to the client's specific requirements, ie photographs that will be further used or handed over by the participant to his client or with photographing participants (or his client) objects (ie the participant will receive a proposal turnkey ") is CZK 3,000
  per hour plus VAT - at least 2 hours - price for one participant.

The price of assistance in the contract with the lecturer's own equipment - in his studio or elsewhere - by agreement.

The fare is added to the price, in the case of a consultation outside Brno, the minimum performance is an agreement, usually at least 4 hours, depending on the distance.

In the case of more participants in the consultation, a surcharge according to the agreement, usually CZK 500 for the participant.
Not included in the prices
  payment for the model, visage (if necessary) and for  possible rental of the studio (with more participants).


If you are interested, call 603 430 823 or send an email to

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