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About the lecturer:

Vít Mádr is an experienced advertising and  portrait photographer, professionally photographed since the spring of 1988. His main photographic activities include product photography, culinary and portrait photography, as well as interior and architecture photography. He also deals with family and wedding photography. He has been teaching as a student since 2004. Since 2015, he has been an authorized person of the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic with the right to certify candidates in the field of photography who are interested in obtaining a qualification in the field.

Personal confession:

Everything came, probably from above ... Suddenly I found out I had failed the photo. Completely.


But don't think I'm one of those people who kept the camera in its cradle. Not at all. Although in my youth I made about two films by the family Yashica, who shot for half-length film, but that was all. The camera was, of course, an automatic machine, I had those few small photos taken in a minilab.


And then, quite clearly, at the time when I was studying (and subsequently graduating) from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and at the same time when I was relaxing in painting and going to a painting course, I got a tiny Minox. Tiny in size but huge in influence. It had good optics and the only exposure mode - aperture preset.

Film format: motion picture. I wore it everywhere and took pictures all the time.


I haven't stopped enjoying it in a year or two, ... or now. I was 24, so I was almost an adult. And in that almost adulthood, I suddenly knew that photography would be my life's work. A year later I was taken to the Institute of Fine Art Photography, today it is the Institute of Creative Photography at the Silesian University. In 1988 I started making a living from photography, at the beginning of 1989 I switched to freelancing. However, at that time I made my living mainly by selling photographs in Prague on Charles Bridge. There were few orders - especially graduation boards, portraits, fashion. After the loosening of conditions after 1990, everything started to run faster, but not in the way we would imagine in today's fast pace. The first larger and at the same time prestigious order came only in 1991, but it was a photo calendar for the company ČKD, which was not so small. And then everything started faster. I became a full-fledged advertising, portrait and culinary photographer. Thank you for the nineties, when there was no internet, there was no youtube, there were no professional books. But the clients who brought the prospectus from America were pointed to the photo and said: Well, that's how we want to take a picture! And I had no choice but to figure everything out on my own. I usually locked myself in a studio for a few days and tried, searched, and invented. Suddenly I was sure I knew nothing would bother me, that I could only win. And thank you for the photo. But not only for that. I'm impatient - and photography has taught me patience. I'm inattentive - and photography has taught me to notice. I didn't value real values much - and photography taught me to perceive the Light and to celebrate and honor its greatness in my spirit. Should I want more? I don't have to, photography has taught me to smile at least in my mind ...


I photograph still lifes for myself, I love documentaries and I strive for the landscape ... I make a living from advertising, portrait and culinary photography. My favorite thing is culinary.

I also devote myself to free creation, not only photography.


I am also a teacher of photography courses. I like to teach, on the one hand I always meet very interesting and intelligent people at the courses and also the courses and the feedback with their participants often enrich me.

I am a member of the Association of Professional Photographers, I am an honorary member of the Bratislava club NOBAF, I often sit on various competition juries and I also organize and moderate a monthly photo theme.

My professional presentation is at

The website of the photo school is at

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Vít Mádr

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