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Personal photo coach:

Don't you want to leave anything to chance anymore?

Do you want to turn opportunities into reality?

Do you want to have someone on hand who will systematically and, according to the agreement, systematically attend to you and help you develop your photographic work, whether in the amateur or professional field? 

If you like to take photos, if you have failed a photo, if you want to take photos with confidence and creativity ...

Coaching during a photo trip or a longer photographic trip, at a photo event or during a sports race, during street photography or, for example, when taking portraits in a rented studio?

Coaching in tuning free creation or preparing a photographic exhibition?

Coaching, for example, in the preparation of a photographic bachelor's thesis?

Photography practice coaching culminating in post-production photo editing?

Contact with confidence, we will agree on the details and conditions.


If you are interested, call 603 430 823 or send an email to

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