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Personal data processing and personal data protection:

We use information about you (name and surname, e-mail address and date and type of course you have attended or applied for) only for the internal need of contacts for sending information e-mails and for registration of registered candidates and we do not pass this information on to any third parties. parties. In any case, we respect the principles of personal data processing. You can revoke your consent to the sending of information emails at any time, you can also request the deletion of all information about you from our database at any time.

The same rules apply to workshops as to courses. Furthermore, only the date of the course is given, everything also applies to workshops.

Course registration:

Sign in with email


send the following information to the given email:

your name and surname

what course you are interested in

course date

your e-mail

Your telephone number

If you do not receive an email with an advance invoice within three days, please contact the operator via email again, but indicate that this is the second login.

Terms and Conditions:

These general terms and conditions govern the relations between the contracting parties (course applicant, course participant, course operator).


Registration for the course is possible no later than 8 days before the course date. After this date, it is already decided according to the number of registered whether the course is completed and whether it will take place. The operator does not guarantee the possibility to register for the course later than 8 days before the deadline.

Course fees can only be made by bank transfer. The operator reserves the seat on the course only after paying the full amount of the course fee. 

Registration for the course is considered a conclusion of the contract and therefore the applicant is obliged to meet all the requirements as payment and at the same time the client hereby confirms that he agrees with the terms and conditions.

The course operator is a VAT payer. Each entrant will receive an advance invoice by email and, after paying the full invoiced amount, will receive an email informing them that the payment has been received and that the course seat is reserved. If the payment is not on the account of the course operator 7 days before the course date, the operator cannot guarantee a place on the course.

Each course participant will receive information about the place and time of the event and other information in the week before the course date. If the participant does not receive this information three days before the course date, it is necessary to inform the operator as soon as possible. The operator is not responsible if the participant does not receive the information email, if the participant is late or if he does not come to the already booked course or arrives at a place where the course does not take place.
During the course, the participant will receive a tax document for the amount paid for the course.

The operator reserves the right to cancel the announced course due to vacancy, illness of the lecturer, or other technical reasons. At the same time, it reserves the right to change the course instructor, but in this case it must notify the participants of this fact and this may be a reason for the participant to cancel the order free of charge.

If the course is due to non-fulfillment
  or other reason will not take place or if the candidate sends a deposit and there is no more room on the course, the money will be returned to the candidate no later than 14 days after the course date.

The course is run by photographer Vít Mádr. Full business name: Ing. Vít Mádr, Chládkova 8, 61600 Brno, ičo 10536892, dič: CZ5903222259.

The applicant is a natural or legal person who registers for the course via email.

The participant is a natural or legal person who completes the course or who has paid for the course and thus has a reserved place on the course.

Course fee means the participant's fee for attending a course or workshop. The course fee is announced together with the course date.

Each course participant acknowledges that the photographs he / she takes during the course are intended for study purposes. If he is interested in presenting them on his website, on social networks or otherwise, he must state for each photograph that it was photographed at Vít Mádra's course (or workshop). This is due to the fact that the participant is not the only author of the resulting photograph, the co-author is a lecturer (who tunes the light atmosphere, often composition, etc.), often other participants as well. In the case of photographing models, the course participant must obtain the consent of the model for each photograph.

By registering for the course, the applicant agrees that the course operator can send him occasional emails with offers of other courses. These emails are no more frequent than once a month. Everyone has the option to unsubscribe from the directory for sending these information emails.

Cancellation fees and cancellation of participation

If the participant wants to cancel his / her participation in the course, he / she is obliged to do so in writing by e-mail and the operator must confirm this fact by e-mail.  

Cancel fees:

  • 8 days or more before the start of the course - 0% cancellation fee from the course fee

  • 4 days before the start of the course - 35% cancellation fee from the course fee

  • 1 day before the start of the course - 60% cancellation fee from the course fee

  • not canceled by the participant at all - 100% cancellation fee from the course fee

Method of payment

The participant is obliged to pay the course fee by bank transfer.

Account number: Česká spořitelna: 1356487379/0800. Each interested party will receive the variable symbol together with the order confirmation and information on the method of payment.

Complaints Procedure

The client must submit any complaints in writing. Complaints are handled individually.

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