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The Way is the Purpos e

The work of the author Vit Madr, which is strictly based on mobile and computer applications and programs. It is a conceptual art, the output of which is a collage of applications. Individual works are often created for more than one year. They are unmistakable and their form and content depend on the intended concept, not on how the author would like.

My Ways created in 2016

My various actions recorded in the processes of my conceptual art.
There is only one specimen. There is only one original for sale.


Ski week in Bad Kleinkirchheim
original size 78 x 80 cm
I created during the year 2016
the application on my mobile phone recorded every ride up the ski lift and every ride down the ski slope on the map
each individual shape of this collage shows the way up the cable car or the way down on skis
the unit is composed of individual outputs from the application on a computer into one large collage. The original size is 78x80cm
the first path is up and it's the box at the top left - the last path is downhill and is at the bottom right
the week of skiing was beautiful, there were a lot of friends
great environment crowned everything
next time :-)


Road to ski holiday
original size 100 x 97 cm
I created during the year 2016
Travel by car from Brno to Bad Kleinkirchheim
Road to ski vacation
All the way, I recorded important places in car navigation
This collage was created from the resulting images, which shows the whole way
The first record is at the top left, the last record is at the bottom right
The trip took place on March 19, 2016
I went with my two daughters
We arrived safely, friends were waiting for us at the finish line and we had a beautiful ski holiday ahead of us

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