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Half-day workshop: Basics of product and advertising photography

intermediate - Brno, Prague
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Half-day practical course - practice only, the course is shortened from full-day by a theoretical part
This course contains an extended practical part of the course Basics of Product and Advertising Photography
The course is ideal for repeating the theory
It is ideal for those who no longer need to hear theory and need to refresh their practical basics
The practical part is devoted to the issue of professional advertising product photography
Object modeling with light
Bottle photography
Colorless photography with product backlight
The issue of backlighting in order to maintain the contour of the product
Basics of shooting shiny subjects
The course is a free continuation of the course Playing with Light, but its completion is not a condition
To further expand students' knowledge, a follow-up course is intended: Advanced techniques in product photography, this next course is also without theory and is photographed all the time

Perhaps every digital camera user is thinking about how to improve the results of their photos. Some in order to get the most out of their device for their pleasure, others, for example, for reasons that the resulting photos are really top quality and can be used in the commercial industry.
The Basics of Product and Advertising Photography course reveals the secrets of real advertising photography. It is a free continuation of the course Playing with Light, but its completion is not a condition for those interested in this course, because even in this course the graduates will repeat the basics of lighting. All photographic work completed in this course will be "completed" to the end, created as if it should be submitted to the client. After completing this course, graduates will be ready to solve even more complex photographic orders

The workshop is designed as a practical essence of the course Basics of Product and Advertising Photography. It is intended for those who have completed this entire course and want to recall its practical part after some time, and for those who basically know the theory and want to learn more about practice in the field of product photography.


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Course schedule: 14 - 17 hrs.

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Brno - studio, Chládkova 8, Brno-Žabovřesky

Prague - to be specified

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