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COURSE: Portrait studio photography

full-time course for intermediate and advanced students - Brno, Prague
portrait of businesswomen - portrait of female student - High Key - Low Key - portrait on magazine cover

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Theoretical and practical part devoted to portrait photography in the studio
The course is a free continuation of the course Playing with Light, but its completion is not a condition
Not only work with light, but also the possibility of stylizing the photographed person
Creating light and thematically interesting portraits with a model
Portrait of a businesswomen, portrait of a female student, HighKey and LowKey portrait, stylized portrait for a magazine cover
Possibility of own styling of the model

Portrait studio photography course  focuses on mastering the procedures that create a true creative portrait. Short  it is a free continuation of the Game with Light Course, but its completion is not a condition for those interested in this course. In contrast to the Game with Light course, we will focus not only on working with light, but on everything else that needs to be done to create a good photographic portrait.

In the morning part of the course, in addition to the general theory of portrait photography, determining the correct exposure, working with composition and working with lighting technology, we will learn about the possibilities of simple styling and more complex photography of people so that the photo content corresponds to our intention.

In the afternoon, we will briefly repeat the work with light during portraiture and we will focus not only on lighting, but also on stylizing the person being portrayed. We will show you how to work with a "white on white" and "black on black" scene. All participants will have the opportunity to style their model.

Basic points of the theoretical part:

image composition


lens focus selection

working with model and scene

work with flashmeter

work with lighting technology


The practical part of the course consists of a series of practical demonstrations, many professional types and students' own photography. As part of the course

you will get acquainted with lighting technology

yes  we show and describe the lights used in portrait photography

you will try many ways of portraiture with different light variants

as part of the course you will try a portrait of "white on white" and "black on black"

you will learn the two most commonly used techniques of advertising portraits

we will photograph a portrait of a businesswoman and student

we will try a portrait in the style of HighKey and LowKey

in the end we will photograph a portrait intended for the cover of the magazine

You can find photos from similar courses on the FB page of Vít Mádra's Photography Courses  - under the photo - albums tab

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Course schedule: 9:15 - 16:45, one hour lunch break.

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Brno - Atelier Vít Mádr, Chládkova 8, Brno - Žabovřesky

Prague - to be specified

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