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Workshop: Advanced portrait photography

intermediate and more advanced - Brno, Prague
portrait - glamor - budoir - pin-up - interior - exterior

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all-day workshop with two models - one in the morning, the other in the afternoon
workshop for advanced amateurs and beginning professionals
The workshop is a free continuation of the Professional Portrait Photography course, but its completion is not a condition
work in the studio and exterior under the guidance of a lecturer
no theory - only practical workshop
studio and outdoor photography (weather permitting)
basic and advanced portraiture techniques
experimentation in portrait photography

Advanced portrait photography workshop  is designed for portrait issues of those who want to improve under the guidance of a lecturer. The course no longer discusses any theory and the practice does not show the basic procedures of lighting.

During the morning and afternoon block, two models will gradually take turns, giving participants the opportunity to take different types of portraits. On the one hand, we will use the possibilities of a perfectly furnished studio and, in case of favorable weather, we will also take photos outdoors with reflective plates.

During the photography, it will be possible to consult various procedures orally and improve through experimentation  with portrait (photography in motion, use of different backgrounds, portrait in natural environment - interior (or exterior), use of external flash in portrait, silhouette in portrait photography, contour in portrait photography, detail in portrait, action portrait, directed portrait photography and other - according to the interest of the participants). 

It will also be possible to consult your photos during the course.

Note: Take your DSLR digital camera and suitable lenses, possibly an external flash, tripod, reflectors for this course.

The workshop is designed for the slightly advanced.

After completing this course, you will be ready to solve even very complex photographic orders.

Photos from a similar course  - on the Facebook page Photographic Courses of Vít Mádra under the Albums tab


dates and price are on the current dates page 

Course schedule: 9:15 - 16:45, one hour lunch break.

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Brno - Studio in Brno, Vídeňská 68, 63900 Brno

Prague - to be specified

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