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Workshop Advanced product photography

Brno, Prague
metal - glass - food - drink - conversion filters - still life - tilt / shift

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course for advanced amateurs and professionals
a purely practical course, which has no theoretical part and is entirely devoted to photographic practice
the course follows the course Basics of Product and Advertising Photography, possibly the course Game with Light, but their completion is not a condition
championship of shooting shiny objects
metal, glass, porcelain
bottle of wine, beer
glass in several variants
dark shiny objects on a white background
basics of food photography
arranged advertising still life
work with Tilt-Shift lenses


This is a practical course where theoretical issues will be discussed only in the form of answers to students' questions. All the more time will be devoted to practical demonstrations. In the course, you will gradually get acquainted with various ways of photographing glass, including art, and you will practically try out several variants of working with glass. When photographing porcelain, you will learn the principles of arrangement, including the possibility of working with various lighting effects. When photographing shiny subjects, you will also get acquainted with the photographic light tent and its applications. Commercial photographers will certainly benefit from a demonstration of photographing a bottle of wine or beer. The beauty of the photographed person will be presented during demonstrations of the basics of food photography. Gradually, as part of practical demonstrations, you will get to more complex photographic arrangements with various products, and you will also be introduced to working with Tilt-Shift lenses.

After completing this course, you will be ready to solve even very complex photographic orders.

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Course schedule: 9:15 - 16:45, one hour lunch break.

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Brno - studio, Chládkova 8, Brno-Žabovřesky

Prague - to be specified

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