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COURSE: Working with studio light - a course in Prague and Brno
product - portrait - photography

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full-day course for intermediate and advanced photographers

Are you buying a new studio?
Need advice on how to do this? Dimensions, coatings, ceiling height, ...
How to deal with imperfect space?
Don't want to spend money on equipment? Do you want to buy only the important ones?
What are the necessary parameters for the equipment to serve?
How to start working in the studio right away and with good quality?
Basic - a loss course for everyone who works or will work in the studio.
For those who want to get acquainted with working with studio lights
Complex basics of lighting for photographic practice
Light photographic variations for product and portrait photography, for beginners and intermediates
Work with
  reflector plates
Practical tips for working with strobe lights, advantages and comparisons with
  daylight and incandescent lighting
What to focus on when we take flashlights
Graduates will gain the necessary foundation to master lighting for most photographic disciplines
The course is freely followed by courses: Basics of advertising and product photography, Advanced techniques in product photography, Portrait studio photography,
  Advanced portrait photography

The fact that photography is light painting accompanies photographic practice throughout its existence. We will not take a good photo without good and sophisticated light. Another light will need a simple box, another a cylindrical object, and we will use a completely different lighting technique to photograph shiny objects. In the same way, the lighting will be different when photographing children and different when photographing the company's director. Lighting various motifs is a basic prerequisite for first-class photography and at the same time the business card of many professional photographers. Come and penetrate the secrets of light painting.

Basic course points:

-       Basics of exponometry

-       The issue of light color

-       Studio equipment, properties of flashing lights

-       Working with strobe lights

-       Light composition theory

-       Lighting of simpler and more complex light scenes of products and portraits

What we will do:
The beginning of the course is devoted to light composition in product photography. In the theoretical introduction, we will get acquainted with individual types of lights, chromaticity temperature, exponometry and the necessary prerequisites for the creation of good product photography. We will show different light scenes with several different light sources and tell us how to achieve them. Photographic technology also comes into play - lights, accessories and work with them. In practice, we will try the photographer's work in basic light compositions from a simple box to a more complex lighting of a glass bottle.

The afternoon part will focus on the game with light and the model. A short theoretical introduction will be devoted to the issue of lighting people, we will talk about the types of portraits and their lighting, and we will discuss various photographic disciplines in the field of working with a model. Then a rich practice will follow, this time with a professional model. You will learn both simple portrait photography and more complex portrait scenes. There will be basic studio scenes: white on white and black on black.

Course goal:
The aim of the course is to learn to illuminate and properly expose basic photographic scenes. Emphasis is placed especially on product and portrait photography, but you will also learn about the lighting of architecture, interiors, landscapes and other themes. You will also gain knowledge that you can use if you are just buying studio lights. After graduating, you should be able to independently implement common light compositions and the rest depends only on your creative intentions.

The course is intended for moderately and intermediate photographers, for those who want to improve in the issue of lighting in product and portrait photography.

Note:  Bring your own camera (DSLR) with lenses.

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Course schedule: 9:15 - 16:45, one hour lunch break.


Brno - Brno - Atelier Vít Mádr, Chládkova 8, Brno - Žabovřesky

Prague - to be specified

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