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COURSE: Basics of photography

Saturday course in Brno for complete beginners
For owners of SLRs and advanced compacts
Possibility to take photos with your camera
What can we influence when shooting with our camera?
Working with light, composition, exponometry
Basics of work in product and portrait photography
Photographic motifs and how to use them
Possibility of consulting the brought photos with the lecturer

Saturday course in Brno, which is designed for complete beginners and intermediates.

The time of vacation is approaching, and thus the time when we will want to use our cameras.

Do you have a new camera (advanced compact or SLR) and would like to know more about the shooting options?

Do you believe that it is not enough to just pull the trigger? You are right, in the course you will learn why!

Need to get a general idea of what you can influence when shooting? What motives are interesting for you and how to photograph them?

Is light an enemy or a best friend for us?

Don't ordinary photos work out the way you would like?

Do you think your camera is too complicated? You're right, you don't even need a lot of features.

The purpose of the course is to explain what functions are sufficient for professionals and knowledgeable amateurs so that they do not have to deal with the often unnecessary and complex functions of the camera.

The theoretical part of the course is accompanied by modern projection technology. The second part of the course is an internship in which students verify the acquired knowledge.

Each student can take 5 pieces of their photos for the course in consultation with the lecturer. It is best to bring photos on a storage medium.

Take your camera to the course. Because we will use incandescent light sources (or daylight or flash) for photography, we recommend that you bring a tripod (if you have one - at least a small one) and, if you have one, an external flash. Tripod and lightning are not a condition, their absence can be technically solved.

Also, be sure to bring a memory card and a well-charged battery.

In practice, we will show photography of simple and complex products (box, flowers, shiny products - coins, macro photography, etc.).

In the course, you will also try mutual photography with other students as part of the practice of photographing people. You will learn to use commonly available light sources (incandescent, daylight and flash), not professional studio lights.

The aim of the course is to teach you how to create quality amateur photos.

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Course schedule: 9:15 - 16:45, one hour lunch break.


Brno - Atelier, Chládkova 8, Brno - Žabovřesky

Prague - to be specified

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Course lecturer: Vít Mádr

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