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The Way is the Purpose

The work of the author Vit Madr, which is strictly based on mobile and computer applications and programs. It is a conceptual art, the output of which is a collage of applications.Individual works are often created for more than one year.They are unmistakable and their form and content depend on the intended concept, not on how the author would like.

I transform the moments of my life into a meta world.

The way is purpose - a sentence that accompanies a person on journeys and life throughout his history.
At present, a person is accompanied by mobile and computer applications, which often provide him with the main contact with the environment. These are applications on your computer and especially on your mobile phone. Often one is already so interested in applications that one is more captive ...
Is it just fashion, convenience or a new phenomenon of humanity pointing to the future?
This conceptual project, called The way is purpose, is a response to the current life trend in that coexistence with applications is key to our journey through life or from point A to point B. Whereas in the past a person observed, met, loved, evaluated, learned ... on the way (the Way), now he shares, watches, subtracts, likes, checks and adds friends on social networks ...
This is a conceptual project, where I usually do not know what it will look like until the collage is completed. Every day I read the outputs from various applications several times a day. The collection usually takes more than a year and only then can the relevant conceptual collage be compiled.
The project consists in the presentation of collages created from individual outputs of computer applications, currently mainly mobile applications. I am a photographer, as a photographer I edit the resulting collage in the form of large-format photographs of about a meter in size. I am also considering larger formats in the future.

Some images are on offer for the META world on OpenSea in the profile vitmadr 
There is only one specimen. There is only one original for sale.


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my daily records

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